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  1. What is spam message?


It is known as unsolicited or junk emails that sends email or link to random email addresses and usually used for phishing.



  1. What is phishing?


Phishing is a method used by the spammer or hacker to stole certain information of yours such as username and password and used it to a malicious activity.


Email phishing usually look like a valid email sent by spammer. Once the receiver replied or clicked on any link of the content of the email that is the time that your account has been phished and already compromised. This is the chance for the spammer to conduct malicious activity on your email accounts such as forcedly send unsolicited emails to random email address.



  1. What is anti-spam?


Anti-spam is a software or hardware used to penetrate or to combat spam messages with a computer.



  1. My email tagged as spam by anti-spam even it was a legit email.


Every anti-spam has been configured in different policies to tag the emails as spam. There are different criteria to tell if the message is a junk emails. Please see details below:


  • Special Characters - there are spam filtering that consider or tag an email as spam if it contains special or foreign language characters on email body or subject line.


  • IP address of the server has been blacklisted – once the IP address of the server tagged as blacklisted, emails may tag as spam.


  • Public IP address of ISP provider - every anti-spam scan also the IP address of the public IP address of the internet provider by the header of the emails. Once it was blacklisted it may also tag as spam message.


  • Attachment – the attachment that affected by virus may tagged the email as spam message. Unknown file extensions are also considered.


  • Email format – once the email id is in html format especially with links. Avoid sending numerous URL links in your email. Example of URL link: 


  •  Avoid using BOLD or ALL Capslock letters especially in your email subject.


  • Avoid sending blank emails (no message on email body).


  • Avoid using "DEAR" for the greeting. 


The information above is the common reasons why the emails tagged as spam. Once your emails contains all of these even if it is legit, the emails may fall on quarantined on the anti-spam and will not delivered to the recipient without any bounce mail to the sender.



  1. I sent an email and it was saved in my sent items but did not receive by the recipient.


Probably the emails were quarantined and were not delivered to the recipient because of the content of the email that might tag as spam by the anti-spam software installed to the server (Example: Bitdefender).

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