Wordpress Installation
Posted by on 22 January 2014 04:31 PM

*Before starting with the installation there things needs to do to install it. Please refer to the details below.

                     a   Download latest release of wordpress. (

                     b. Unzip/unrar the downloaded to your local work station

                     c.   Create Database name, username and secure password to Servobox Control Panel.

                     d. Prepare FTP credentials for uploading wordpress files.


Once you have completed the all the requirements you may now proceed with the installation. Please refer to the tutorials below.

     1.)    Upload the downloaded and unzip wordpress files using FTP.

              1.1. If you want place your wordpress site to root directory of your domain (, move or upload all the wordpress files to the roor directory on the web server

             1.2. If you want to place your wordpress site under a subdirectory (, create a sample directory under the root directory and move or upload all the downloaded wordpress files.

    2.)    Look for “WP-CONFIG.PHP and edit the file with database credentials created on Servobox control panel such as Database name, username and password and hostname.

    3.)    You can now run the install script using a web browser.

             1.1   If you placed your wordpress file to root directory, you have to run

             1.2   If you placed your wordpress file to sub directory you have to run,

4.)    Once you have run the script the installation page will appear simply fill up the field needed then click install wordpress.



5.) After installation it will now redirect to log in page.


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